What is SEM ( Search Engine Marketing )

Search Engine Marketing ?

Hi, After a long break I am back with some interesting topic. We all hear the term, but we are not that much aware of the SEM and how it works, various benefits of SEM.

SEM ( Search Engine Marketing )

SEM is a technique under digital marketing, which is used to increase the search engine visibility using paid services like PPC ( pay per click ) and CPC ( cost per click ).

By using the PPC and CPC we can able to increase the search engine visibility of our site, we can obtain paid traffic, search engine ranking.

A question will arise now: SEO ( search engine optimisation ) also used to get the maximum traffic and search engine ranking. Your question right, SEO is part of SEM. SEO is used to obtain organic traffic of your site by following various techniques, but the SEM involves with paid traffic to our site. If we want to gain the long term traffic, we must include both the SEO and SEM.

Most common terms used in SEM activities

  1. PPC ( Pay Per Click ) it also includes in another format Pay Per Call it’s mainly used for mobile search results.
  2. Paid Search ads
  3. Paid search advertising
  4. CPC ( Cost Per Click ) many of the ads are sold for PPC and CPC, but some of the ads are sold for CPM ( Cost per thousands impression )

SEM involves in

First and foremost SEM providers are Google Adwords. It consists of various about keywords in different devices. Google AdWords are most common paid search platform for search engine marketers.

After that Bing ad and Yahoo ads are most significant. Apart from this an another SEM is also available on social media platform. We already discuss Facebook ads also comes under the SEM.


These are the basic view of the SEM and how it works. Surely we have the broad discussion about SEM and comparisons between and much more in future days.

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